Meet My Son Niam Jain Autism Artist

Meet My Son Niam Jain Autism Artist

Posted by Nina Jain, Mother of Niam Jain on 2016 Sep 9th


Meet my son Niam. A emerging artist who loves to paint his thoughts and feelings  in abstract art.

Niam started painting at the age of 12. We discovered his painting talent by accident. The family had planned a end of summer vacation and, at the last minute we had to cancel. I desperately tried to find some last minute camps and classes for Niam to no avail, all were full to my dismay. As most of you know I  run a home social enterprise business called . Able2learn provides free teaching resources in life skills, speech ,academics and social skills. 

One of my graphic designers, who is more like a member of the family than an employee, thought it would be great for Niam to paint to occupy his time. We were all shocked to see the beautiful vibrant abstract paintings Niam created to express himself. We uploaded the paintings to Niam's Shop on  Etsy and, within a week his paintings were sold out.


It was a party at my house. My staff love Niam and we rejoiced and partied as if we were bringing in the new millennium. Yup wine bottles, scotch and all.

It was at this time, I realized I had to look beyond the definition of limitation, disability and create my own definition, my own world, and carve out a place for my son. Professional paints are expensive, I took the plunge and took a chance with my son. I bought all the colours he pointed too and let him do what he does best without interference.

The rest is history. Niam would sell out his paintings on Facebook within hours of me posting them. Each painting uniquely different. Niam paints in layers, each layer expresses a thought or feeling with the entire painting telling a story. 


We often make the mistake of thinking communication is limited to speech,  sign language or text. In Niam's case it is through the wonderful world of abstract art. Purchase this beautiful piece of abstract art.


It has been a world wind of a  year that began with a piece by Global News featuring the beautiful Susan Haye.

This followed by a full national campaign by Samsung Canada. Don't forget to check out their amazing App for a free download - The Look At Me APP to help with eye contact. Niam used this app. Niam transferred the skill of eye contact to learn how to take a picture.

Today is a great day. Niam will be featured on CBC National. The most important message is Never Give Up!

Purchase one of Niam's Inspirational Canvas Quotes on a original art by Niam. Beautiful inspirational messages on gorgeous art to remind you nothing is impossible.  Hang in your home or office. They make beautiful gifts.


Niam wants to work. He does not want to be dependent despite his disabilities.