Custom Artwork


Commission a Painting

Niam can create a commissioned painting of any size. Please contact us for more details

Wedding Favours / Promotional Products

Use Niam's beautiful artwork to customize and personalize your next important event. Create beautiful custom greeting cards, wedding cards or invitation cards. We can customize mugs, canvas prints with beautiful sayings and are open to creating other favours and promotional items for your next event.

Please contact us for more details

splatter-2-11oz-back.jpg     01-dare-to-dream-5x5-blank-card-display-pic-93926.1449240823.285.365.jpg         spatter-3-11oz-front.jpg        01-difficult-roads-5x5-blank-card-display-pic-58312.1449240853.285.365.jpg       sponge-1-11oz-back.jpg