Beautiful Bamboo Forest 2:  Abstract Art

Beautiful Bamboo Forest 2: Abstract Art


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This painting is 12x12 inches painted on canvas. 

Niam only uses the best paint. He uses  Golden and Tri Art which is a full body paint  Isn't it beautiful?

I am fascinated by the way Niam paints. If you follow Niam you will notice he paints in phases of colours.

While Niam can read he has trouble with comprehension. To teach Niam I find new avenues. We travel to expose Niam and to teach him.

The results are beautiful paintings. This painting is from a recent trip to Japan. Niam loves nature. We went to the Kyoto Bamboo Forest. It was beautiful. It started to rain as we were walking but it was still really fun. This painting is Niam's experience before the rain. Isn't it gorgeous?  The more I look at the painting the more I learn about what Niam sees and how he views our beautiful world.  

Niam unlocks his world through his artwork. He has minimal speech and expresses his inner most feelings, private thoughts and expressions through his artwork.

This is Niam's interpretation  of  the gardens of temple is astounding, all the beautiful colours  he sees sparkling through the forest is breathtaking.  See the world through Niam's eyes.

 Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece in your home.  It is  gorgeous with all the colours.  

The story about the Artist is beautiful and, the beauty of the artwork.

This painting is painted on wood.

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