Beautiful Galapagos 2: Abstract Art: Niam Jain

Beautiful Galapagos 2: Abstract Art: Niam Jain



This painting is 60 inches x 40 inches painted on canvas to create this breathtaking modern abstract wall art, and abstract painting by emerging artist Niam Jain Autism Artist and Model.  Niam uses only the best paint: Golden and Tri Art. Tri Art is a Canadian company and, I supporting Canadian businesses is important to our family.

Niam is an emerging artist,  he painted this abstract painting with a mix of beautiful hues to create this beautiful abstract art.

I love the way Niam has used unusual colours that blend in perfectly telling a story of his thoughts.

We use travel to teach Niam. It never occurred to us our travels would be the source of Niam's inspirations. I am at fault when I say this, but I often used to think Niam did not understand his surroundings. Even as an advocate autism mommy, the very advice I give to other mothers in my blog, is advice I forgot to take for myself. It happens and what is more important is that you are able to realize, learn and grow. Niam named this painting Galapagos. It is a very blended painting with beautiful colours. In Galapagos the water is very beautiful. Extra care has been taken to preserve the beautiful natural habitat. The colours represent all the beautiful different coloured birds and animals we saw in our journey. It was an amazing experience. 

This painting is breathtaking.

This painting is a great discussion piece and a beautiful abstract wall art  in a living room, hall way or make your office grand with this amazing abstract painting as an abstract wall art entrance piece.

Every person will see something different when viewing this abstract  wall art. I have included additional pictures so you can really get an idea of the complexity of the painting but also of what Niam is seeing.

 What do you see? What do you think Niam was thinking when he created this beautiful piece of abstract painting?

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The mystery makes the painting all that more special. Let Niam's thoughts talk to you through his abstract art paintings! A beautiful addition to any home or office.

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Niam Jain Autism Artist and Autism Model is painting Adventure an abstract painting wall art.

 Disclaimer: Picture may look slightly different due to monitor screen and brightness.

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