Blue Birds: 40"x30" Sold

Blue Birds: 40"x30" Sold


 This painting is 40"x30" painted on canvas.  It is simply stunning.

Niam only uses the best paint. He uses  Golden and Tri Art which is a full body paint  Isn't it beautiful?

Niam loves birds. He is going to a blue jay game on Thursday and I am almost wonder if this painting has indication of the event to follow.

As Niam wrote on his facebook page: " I paint my blue birds are in the sky I love you niam jain"  I love the Niam's depiction of the sky with all its beautiful colours and the reflection of pink.

I see spring in this painting, and all the beautiful flowers to come.

Enjoy the beauty of nature through Niam's eyes.  

Niam unlocks his world through his artwork. He has minimal speech and expresses his inner most feelings, private thoughts and expressions through his artwork.

 See the world through Niam's eyes.

 Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece in your home.  It is  gorgeous with all the colours.  

The story about the Artist is beautiful and, the beauty of the artwork.


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