Forest Adventure : Abstract Art

Forest Adventure : Abstract Art

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 The size of this beautiful breathtaking abstract art painting is 36x36 inches painted on canvas.  It is a beautiful modern abstract wall art by emerging artist Niam Jain Autism Artist. The abstract art comes already mounted ready to hang. Niam Jain Autism Artist uses only professional grade paint: particularly Golden And Tri - Art. 


Niam is an emerging artist,  he painted this abstract painting with a mix of beautiful hues to create this beautiful abstract art.  There are many layers of beautiful colours to make this one of Niam's most beautiful abstract paintings. Niam's vision of abstract art is different from other artists. Niam's mix of colours are unusual. I love the sparkle of pearl in this painting. It is a beautiful abstract rendition of the adventures of Niam in a forest. This is what Niam's sees when he views the beautiful colours of nature. The sparkle between the trees, the purity and adventure of colours.


This painting is finished with his signature splatter - like Jackson Pollack.


This painting is a great discussion piece and a beautiful abstract wall art  in a living room, hall way or make your office grand with this amazing abstract painting as an abstract wall art entrance piece.


Every person will see something different when viewing this abstract  wall art. What do you see? What do you think Niam was thinking when he created this beautiful piece of abstract painting? Niam also sells his paintings as modern canvas art. Check out more paintings by Niam Jain Autism Artist, Autistic Artist and Autism Model. 


The mystery makes the painting all that more special. Let Niam's thoughts talk to you through his abstract art paintings! A beautiful addition to any home or office.


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Niam Jain Autism Artist and Autism Model is painting Adventure an abstract painting wall art.



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