San Blas Panama  36"x36"  Acrylic on Canvas SOLd

San Blas Panama 36"x36" Acrylic on Canvas SOLd


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 Niam only uses the best paint. He uses  Golden and Tri Art which is a full body paint  Isn't it beautiful?  

Niam paints what he feels and sees. This is a spectacular Painting. If you love Niam's bright colours you will love this painting.  

The colours on this painting are calming yet beautiful all at the same time.

We spent this Christmas exploring the gorgeous lush country of Panama. We arrived to the beautiful islands in a speed boat. Niam loved the boat. The ride to dock was very long almost two hours and we were so happy to see the beautiful blue ocean. We first headed to an island where we swam in the ocean. From there we headed to another uninhabited island where we had lunch. We are all vegetarian and the lunch for us was just coleslaw.  Those of you who follow Niam know he has a very particular diet of specific foods. Thank goodness I had the hotel chef pack him two grilled cheese sandwiches just in case. 

The speed boat than took us the Natural Pool in the middle of the ocean. We jumped off the speed boat and swam in this natural pool in the middle of the ocean. It was beyond beautiful.

This painting represents all the feeling, sites Niam saw. It did rain intermittently during the day. There is a lot of colour, depth, feelings and emotions  in this painting.



Recently Niam won the Anokhi Award being the youngest recipient to win the award.

Check out the videos of Niam being featured on CTV News.

I have to tell you again, I LOVE LOVE this piece of work.

 Niam unlocks his world through his artwork. He has minimal speech and expresses his inner most feelings, private thoughts and expressions through his artwork.

This is Niam's interpretation  of  the beauty around him.  See the world through Niam's eyes.

 Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece in your home.  It is  gorgeous with all the colours.  

The story about the Artist is beautiful and, the beauty of the artwork.

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Please note: Due to camera, lighting and monitor screen the painting may look slightly different.