Ocean Waves  2: 40"x60"  SOLD

Ocean Waves 2: 40"x60" SOLD


 Sorry This Painting Is Sold

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This painting is painting on canvas and is 40"x60"

Niam only uses the best paint. He uses  Golden and Tri Art which is a full body paint  Isn't it beautiful?  

Niam paints what he feels and sees. I have been trying really hard to figure out where Niam's inspiration came from. He has been working on this painting for months and today he decided to finish it off.  Niam named the painting Ocean Waves. See the beautiful fishes. I love the beautiful fishes in all different colours. There gorgeous and these colours are soft and subtle.

I LOVE LOVE this piece of work.

 Niam unlocks his world through his artwork. He has minimal speech and expresses his inner most feelings, private thoughts and expressions through his artwork.

This is Niam's interpretation  of  the beauty around him.  See the world through Niam's eyes.

 Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece in your home.  It is  gorgeous with all the colours.  

The story about the Artist is beautiful and, the beauty of the artwork.

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