Be A Retailer For Niam's Art


Raise Autism Awareness. Let the community know that everyone has a ability and everyone is capable of being their best.Wholesale Niam's mugs and other products in your store and help Niam

    splatter-2-11oz-back.jpg     01-dare-to-dream-5x5-blank-card-display-pic-93926.1449240823.285.365.jpg         spatter-3-11oz-front.jpg        01-difficult-roads-5x5-blank-card-display-pic-58312.1449240853.285.365.jpg       sponge-1-11oz-back.jpg
Showcase Niam's art on your walls and raise awareness for Autism. Niam does not talk much. He does not want to be depedent on society.He wants to work hard and make a living.Help Niam and other children like him by selling his artwork on your walls. Brighten up your space with unique pieces.  Let Niam do the selling in your store.
splatter-2-750-00-24x48in-professional-artist-grade-paint-1080x540p.jpg  splatter-3-800-00-36x48in-professional-artist-grade-paint-1080x810p.jpg  scrape-3-99-99-14x14in-professional-artist-grade-paint-1080x1080p.jpg  sponge-2-750-00-24x48in-professional-artist-grade-paint.jpg