Friends of Niam






Able2learn  is owned by my mommy. She supports me and is trying to help all chidlren. Able2learn provides free and subsidized educational resources for all children including those with developmental disabiliites. 
Able2learn is  a  unique learning plattform that offers inclusive  programs that are picture based. With this material, you can teach a diversified classroom, homeschool and help your  child with unique programs. Programs are offered in different levels to provide different learning opportunities.
Our programs  are catered to all chidlren including children with developmental disabilities. Programs can be used for ABA programs. 


TheSocialPoop  is owned by my brother Rohan Jain. He is a blogger and advocates human rights, writes about the environment and, his corporate art consultants .  He supports me in all my initiatives.  He writes about Autism and my accomplishments. I love him. Check out his blog. 




Dr. James Partington

Partington behavour analyst.  Dr. Partington did my programming for me for years.  I went to California to see him and learn from him and his staff for 4 months. He is great. He wrote the ABLLS-R.  He has helped me to be where I am today. Partington Behavior Analysts provides educational services and products to children with autism and other language delays. They  seek to provide high-quality, effective interventions for children with disabilities and their parents, as well as provide training to other professionals in the delivery of these services.

Autism Speaks Canada

They raise awareness for autism. They have supported me in my art. They encourage me and believe in me. Please check out their website.


Tamara's Piano Studio and

Music Therapy Services (Tpsmts)

Tamara is my music and singing teacher. She has taught me to sing, speak sentences and believes in me. I love her. She can be your teacher too. But she is mine first.



Tamara's Piano Studio and

Curry's Artist Materials

I shop at Currys. They are very nice to me. They help me shop. They tell me about paintbrushes , mediums and many more things. They spend lots of time with me. They are very patient. Thank you Curry's.