Spring Sparkle 3

Spring Sparkle 3


Sorry This Painting Has Been Sold

This painting is Acrylic on Wood.

Niam uses only the best paint, Golden and Tri Art. Tri Art ( Professional Line). Tri- Art is a Canadian Company. I feel it is important to support Canadian Companies.

 It is 36 inches  by 36 inches. It has many layers and many beautiful colours in the painting. This painting was completed as part of a series of the spring. In this painting the sun is beginning to shine through the blue sky, through the rainbow and the beautiful green fields. Niam loves to watch the colours reflect through the sky. You can often catch him looking outside the window or observing his environment in silence but with an extreme intensity. It amazes me to what he sees. I love how Niam only sees beauty and good in everything. A lesson I am learning from him.

The beautiful mix of colours of this painting is gorgeous. Niam never paints the same paintings twice. This is truly one of a kind. A beautiful addition to any home. Brighten up your room with this masterpiece. Welcome the beautiful colours of spring into your home. 

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