Vietnam Rainbow 1 36"x36":  Sold

Vietnam Rainbow 1 36"x36": Sold


 Sorry This Painting Is sold

This painting is 36x36 inches painted on wood. 

The first picture is the picture of the painting, the others are close up shots.

Niam only uses the best paint. He uses  Golden and Tri Art which is a full body paint  Isn't it beautiful?  I love the shades of purples pinks and blues all beautifully blended together. Finished with Niam's signature splatter in gold and shades of blues. 

I have read about climate change and experienced it somewhat with the warming and sometimes extreme temperatures of Global Warming. Global warming really took an impact on me during our trip to Vietnam. We experienced a lot of rain. When Niam painted this picture he called it a rainbow. You may ask how do I know it is from Vietnam, in the studio, we have lots of pictures from our trip. My assumption it is rainbow we saw over there. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous painting with many beautiful bright colours being blended together. This is how Niam sees a rainbow, a beautiful blending of many different colours glistening and sparkling through the sky. Fall deep into conversation with this painting with Niam. 

Many of you have been asking for two paintings to put side by side. Vietnam Rainbow 1 and 2 can be placed side by side.

Niam unlocks his world through his artwork. He has minimal speech and expresses his inner most feelings, private thoughts and expressions through his artwork.

This is Niam's interpretation  of  the beauty around him.  See the world through Niam's eyes.

 Enjoy this beautiful masterpiece in your home.  It is  gorgeous with all the colours.  

The story about the Artist is beautiful and, the beauty of the artwork.

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