My First Painting Showing At A Cafe: Autism Art

My First Painting Showing At A Cafe: Autism Art

Posted by Nina Jain on 2016 Mar 5th

The art world is new to me. It is not as simple as selling a piece of clothing or furniture. The art world is difficult to navigate. A friend saw an ad for Savoury Grounds Cafe  481 Queen Street East, to hang paintings. Niam applied. The owner called and Niam's artwork was accepted to be hung on the walls.


Niam choose Sunset Beach as his first painting to hang. It reminds us of the a beautiful sunset with beautiful hue of pink , reds , turquoise and gold. 


I personally love this painting. It is Niam's latest technique. The photo does not do justice to this painting. The painting has been painted in layers with a secret custom tool. It is a gorgeous mix of colours. Niam leaves spots where you can see the intricacies of the under layer. This painting reminds me of  a  Niam version of Gerard Richter. Not that he has ever gone to art school or seen his paintings.


This painting is featured at the cafe. It a gorgeous mix of different shades of purples with blues mixed in between.

The  painting is finished with gorgeous splatter similar to a Jackson Pollock style. 

Visit Niam's website to make a purchase or contact us for more information.